Our investment philosophy

Our company’s independence creates the perfect framework to offer our clients an efficient and unique asset management model:

  • Management is personalized and adapted to the specific situation of each client, taking account of their risk profile.
  • The sometimes complex financial, familial, tax and legal elements are integrated into the investment process.
  • Selection of investment areas and vehicles complies with an open architecture principle: we choose the solutions we consider to be the best from the market as a whole.  Only the quality of these proposed solutions guides us in our decision making.
  • Our managers’ comprehensive expertise and the size of our network of professional partners (banks, brokers, fund managers, lawyers, financial and tax experts) enables us to find the best opportunities from among a wide range of asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, alternative funds, money market, private equity, etc.).
  • Our decision-making approach is rapid and flexible.
  • We apply a strict portfolio management process:
    • macro-economic analyses and scenarios
    • asset allocation adapted to risk profiles
    • investment funds retained solely on the basis of strict criteria (track record and performances aligned with the risks, fund size, liquidity, solidity of the manager, etc.)
    • individual securities chosen solely when key parameters are in place (profit growth, predictability of income, relevant and viable business model, attractive pricing, etc.)
  • Transaction frequency is adapted to the expectations and profile of each client and depends on market opportunities.
  • We take the time to explain our management policy and the results obtained according to each client’s wishes, in detail and in complete transparency.
  • Portfolio exposure to various types of risk is constantly monitored.